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Can you get children to clean? Richard Pearson from Filthy House SOS on how and why you should!

After being on the Parenthood Panel with Two Dads in London, hosted by the Home Genie, I overheard Richard Pearson talking about his initiative of helping children with cleaning and general housekeeping. I just had to know more.

I organise rooms and routines with children in mind to help them thrive in education but also to instil independence and support life skills for their future. I help families declutter and organise, but cleaning is another branch.

Richard was the host on the Demo stage at the Clean and Tidy Home show.

So I interviewed him on how it came about and what is next!

"The idea came from being on the show and finding out that people didn’t know how to clean. I discovered it was because their parents didn’t show them the basics.

That got me thinking about my children because I’m not passing on my knowledge to them.

I shared this in my socials, and the whole thing took off.

I think teaching children the basics of housekeeping is essential. These are life skills and, I believe, the fundamentals of your daily life.

I also don’t want the children of today living in the future in homes that are in complete chaos.

I’m only just starting this journey, but I want to take all this info and coaching skills around the country "

Richard x

If you would like to check out his blogs about getting children into cleaning click here:

You can catch him on Channel 5 on Filthy House SOS and find out more in his website:

Love Kat x

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