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More to Mealtimes

How to help your child learn almost everything in the kitchen and make mealtimes easier

The third book in the MORE TO series is launched on September 30th 2023. 

As with the first two books, Kathryn Lord brings learning to life in a purposeful way.

When organising family homes, the routine parents find most difficult is Mealtimes. 

What should I make for tea every single night?

How can I get them to eat more vegetables? 

How can I help them with life skills as an adult?

Okay, that last one is not immediately asked over breakfast time, but this book shows you purposeful learning to enhance child development to help your children for their future. With developmentally appropriate tasks, from planning to sourcing, prepping to cooking, serving to cleaning up. 

You also find out how to learn about history, culture and music through food as well as the obvious maths, science and physical development when cooking.

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