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V&Me at the MORE TO event

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

The third book in the MORE TO series is coming out next month, and to celebrate we have an amazing event to bring learning to life. We have lots of fun for your children to get involved in, including singing, dancing, music, painting, soft play as well as an amazing goodie bag.

In your goodie bag, your children will get lovely things created by our amazing businesses in the MORE TO Marketplace.

Mulu from V&Me is creating a delicious snack for your children.

'More to Mealtimes' helps your children to get involved with planning, sourcing, prepping, presenting and clearing up after mealtimes as well as all the juicy learning food offers such as physical development, creative development and maths as well as mark making and reading opportunities.

Did you know you can also learn history, geography and culture in the kitchen?

Before all that though, our little ones need weaning onto solid foods, and that is where V&Me comes in!

What both Mulu and I believe in is supporting our children from the beginning to enjoy and know the importance of healthy and happy mealtimes.

How did V and Me start?

My husband and I started V&Me out of own frustration when we started weaning V. We didn’t have the time to do all the research, plan the variety and cook from scratch every day... But what was available on the market were all just overly processed, overly sweet or salty convenience options or frozen meals. It just didn’t make sense to us – we spent so much time and energy going to classes to help with baby’s development, so why wouldn’t we put the same energy into the food that fuels that growth? In 2021, we pulled together a team of experts and started the journey of optimising nutrition for babies all the

way through to preschoolers (0-5).

How can V and Me make family lives easier?

We all love a calm and peaceful mealtime, but we know how hard this can be in this fast-paced world. V&Me takes care of your little one’s nutrition, cooking everything from scratch daily, so you can spend quality time with your baby – or have a well-deserved break for yourself. Mealtime can also be a lot less stressful when the cooking has been taken care of and rejections are not personal!

What is your favourite activity to do with children in the kitchen?

Shelling beans! I try to incorporate more legumes when I cook as they are iron, fibre rich and makes soups super creamy. Shelling beans when they come into season is one of the most fun thing to do with toddlers! It helps them practice fine motor skills, work on their patience and is relatively easy to clean afterwards as they are dry!

What is your favourite family meal that the whole family love?

A slow cooked beef lasagne always goes down a treat at mine. The beauty is that the slow cooking process releases all the flavours from the meat and vegetables and you don’t need any salt to taste the complex flavours – so my younger one (10 months) can enjoy it too.

What are your top tips for parents to make mealtimes healthier for children?

Introduce vegetables without hiding them from the get-go. Start the weaning journey with green vegetables and then include them regularly in your family meals without pressure. Consistent, low-pressure exposure to those is a sure way to help them accept those savoury, bitter flavours.

What snack are you providing for the goodie bags?

We have prepared our signature sugarless carrot bite. This is made without even raisins and purely sweetened by carrots and warming spices! We don’t include dried fruits in any of our snacks as they can stick to little ones’ teeth and cause decay.

Come to event on the 30th of September at the Sky Lounge, Copthorne Tara Hotel, High Street Kensington!

Follow V and Me on social media for amazing content and even more tips.

Insta: vandme_uk TikTok: vandmeuk

We have a waitlist going for our membership but quote “KATHRYN LORD” in your form and skip the queue!

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