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Trot and Tumble at the MORE TO Event

The third book in the MORE TO series is launching on the 30th of September 2023 in the Sky lounge at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, High Street Kensington.

As with the first two books, Kathryn Lord brings learning to life in a purposeful way. When organising family homes, the routine parents find most difficult is Mealtimes.

  • ​What should I make for tea every single night?

  • How can I get them to eat more vegetables? ​

You also find out how to learn about history, culture and music through food as well as the obvious maths, science and physical development when cooking.

We have got so much on for you at the event. Sing and dance with Action Amanda, enjoy music with the Music House for Children, get your sweat on with a family PT session and learn sign language with SENSE on our performance stage.

Head to our activity tables to practice your fine motor skills in guided sessions with food prep with Argania Moroccan Kitchen and mark make with More Curricular.

Or enjoy our creative tables supported by Everything Childcare, with playdough, collage making and painting!

Tickets are just £10 for 2-7 year olds and they get an amazing goodie bag with a snack from V and Me, bubbles, reusable straw and so much more.

If that wasn't enough, we also have a MORE TO Marketplace, with passionate people who have child development at the heart of what they do. SEND, Nutrition, Photo Organising, parent app and a nanny agency, there really isn't anything we haven't though of.

Oh, and did I mention the face painting or even luxury soft play area by Trot and Tumble?

How did Trot and Tumble come about?

Trot & Tumble was born out of a desire to create a safe and fun space at events that little ones can play in, while allowing parents and caregivers a bit of respite from the battle of keeping their babies/toddlers in tow when all they want to do is wander around and play. With the children busy playing with the soft play elements, it provides some time for the adults to relax a bit and enjoy events more.

I found that when I went to events with my son, the fun was somewhat taken out of attending because I didn't have anywhere for him to go so, I set Trot & Tumble up to fill in that gap.

What do you think children get most out of Trot and Tumble?

A place to explore their imagination. We have a number of themes on offer and children can really immerse themselves into them.

Of course, there's a lot of fun to be had! With the ball pits, climbing frames, slides, teepee tents, there are a lot of areas to explore and dive into. A combination of these elements help to build strength, coordination and balance and can improve gross motor skills.

How does it help family life easier?

Not only does it provide a safe space (which does still need to be supervised) but, it also helps with improving sleep. All the exerted energy should help for better afternoon nap or night time sleep.

What is next for Trot and Tumble?

As a company that's just started, we're looking to widen our customer base and continue to bring luxury play to people's special day.

Why are you excited to be part of MORE TO Education?

Excited to meet other brand owners to network and learn. I'm also looking forward to picking-up some tips from Kathryn on how I can be more efficient in my home and with my family when it comes to organising and cooking.

What exciting offer have you got for everyone at the event?

We'll have our soft play set-up for the little ones to use! and we'll be offering 10% off bookings.

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