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The Moroccan Chef at the MORE TO event

On the 30th of September, the launch of the third book in the MORE TO series is happening. There is MORE TO this event than just a book launch, with interactive performances with Action Amanda, music sessions with the Music House with Children and even a family PT session with Jack Hammerton.

We have a luxury soft play from Trot and Tumble and you can pay to have your face painted. Children are £10 and get an amazing goodie bag. Adults and babies are free!

And if that wasn't enough, we even have a MORE TO Market place with nutrition, parent apps, photo organising, SEND and a bespoke Nanny agency.

We also have guided activity sessions of mark making with More Curricular and food prep with Argania Moroccan Kitchen!

How did Argania, The Moroccan Chef come about?

Using his unique mix of knowledge gained from working in Michelin star restaurants throughout England and his background in Moroccan cuisine, Abdul (The Moroccan Chef) started Argania as a way to spread his insight and love of cooking. Tom, who has worked in multiple restaurants across London for half a decade, met Abdul while working together as chefs in Mayfair and they decided to switch their focus to the more personal and more real side of Moroccan cuisine and so began offering classes to people in private settings. We've discovered that we can share our love of good food with people who may have found it too daunting or too different to even know how to start cooking it themselves. It's a great joy to teach people the confidence and skill needed to create their own dishes with ease, which they can work into their weekly meals.

What do you think families get most out of Argania's classes?

What we've seen from the families who have taken our classes is that they not only get to develop new skills and learn how to cook in a whole different way; they get to share a great experience with their family and friends while doing so. We offer our classes and catering anywhere from people's own homes to schools and in our kitchen. Meaning no matter your needs, you can have a fun and exciting experience with your friends and family while learning to cook delicious, nutritious and affordable meals for yourself and your loved ones.

We believe everyone should be able to cook. Taking our classes will give you the confidence and skills to make new dishes at home which are easy, tasty and fun, never again being stuck for ideas, while also teaching children basic skills to get them started on their culinary journey.

What is next for Argania?

While we will be continuing our stall in the Barnes market every Saturday and our Chiswick market every Sunday, we're introducing a new line of sauces and spices for people to enjoy at home. Using our connections with rural farming communes in Morocco we can source harder to find ingredients like argan oil at a very reasonable price so we can provide traditional products like amlou which are near impossible to find at a good price in England.

Why are you excited to be part of MORE TO Education? We’ve seen the amazing work that MORE TO does and find it inspiring. The work they do to help children develop their mental and physical skills while making sure they (and their parents) have a great and memorable time is fantastic and we have the same mentality.

We love giving families the chance to have and create new experiences together while also fostering independence in their children. We want to provide the confidence for families to try, learn and love new types of food.

What will children learn on your activity table?

At our table we’re going to be showing children how to make different and delicious dishes. It will be a hands-on experience where they learn new cooking skills and gain confidence working with food, while also getting something nutritious tasty to eat.

The sessions will be at 10.45 and 1.45 and are on a first come basis.

What exciting offer have you got for everyone at the event?

For everyone at the event we are offering a free canapé to enjoy whilst they’re ordering their meal so they can get an idea of what Moroccan cuisine has to offer.

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