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Music House for Children at the MORE TO event

On the 30th of September, the launch of the third book in the MORE TO series is happening. There is MORE TO this event than just a book launch, with interactive performances with Action Amanda and even a family PT session with Jack Hammerton.

We also have guided activity sessions of mark making with More Curricular and food prep with Argania Moroccan Kitchen! We have a luxury soft play from Trot and Tumble and you can pay to have your face painted. Children are

£10 and get an amazing goodie bag. Adults and babies are free!

As part of our interactive sessions, the wonderful Music House for Children are doing a music session for a little ones. Not only that, but they generously donated children's tables and chairs for the event. They have even donated musical instruments for the raffle, 50% of which will go to our resident charity, Sense.

So without further ado, it is my honour to interview Emma Hutchinson.

How did the Music House for Children come about?

In 1994 my dream was to create a place where babies, children with their families

could learn music and experience special events to nurture learning, communication and other areas of early development. Almost 30 years on Music House for Children provides home tuition, baby classes, concerts, story-tales and training to share resources and skills so everyone can continue the magic of music at home and in early years settings.

What do you think children get most out of the Music House for Children?

Children benefit enormously from musical games, storytelling and instrumental

learning. Pre-nursery ages love the freedom of spontaneous musical play -especially those with autism, deafness or language delay. Families enjoy Musical Resources at home with masses of ideas to encourage independence and creative adventures during routine activities.

How does it help to make family life easier?

Babies and their siblings develop the confidence to explore through musical play whilst developing communication, motor and life skills. In this, our YouTube channel shares delightful animated stories and musical ideas to support interaction during story-times and routine activities such as tidying up and getting dressed. Traditional and new songs get families singing and dancing together. Our podcast Once Upon a Song provides fabulous musical tales that are great for long journeys and invites children to participate too.

What is next for the Music House for Children?

We have introduced affordable training to share accessible musical skills with

parents, nannies and educators everywhere. These short courses provide inspiration, ideas and lots of resources to enjoy whilst simultaneously supporting early development and learning. We have new musical story-tales, songs, rhymes and top tips planned, all of which will add new dimensions to celebrating education as it should be - creative, playful and fun.

Why are you excited to be part of MORE TO Education?

We love the More To... series. With a similar ethos we encourage carers and families to be creative, think outside the box, exchange ideas and develop new skills to support their children's creative independence. Several of our music studies confirms pre-schoolers'; intrinsic musicality and the value of music to strengthen early development.


What exciting offer have you got for everyone at the event?

We will be celebrating with a bespoke musical extravaganza for nursery ages! 

Expect instrumental play, songs, rhymes and top tips to take away. Discounts will be available (just for this event) for instruments, books, online courses and forthcoming music workshops at Bush Hall, our beautiful sister venue in West London.

Emma Hutchinson is a music educator, trainer and researcher in early childhood music, and founder of Music House for Children providing employment to educators and specialists in London. Emma’s career spans nearly 30 years in music teaching, training, research and composition. She holds an LTCL in music, a BA in theatre and dance and an MA in Early Childhood Music.

Despite early deafness Emma’s studies, life and teaching experiences have provided her with a multi-sensory approach to delivering music together with a deep understanding of how young children communicate and learn. In 1994 she established Music House for Children, her non-profit school in London to encourage earliest development through a range of musical experiences.

In addition to instrumental tuition, concerts and workshops Emma and her team teach in nursery settings, children’s centres, units for children with additional needs and language delay and baby groups. Music House for Children has several case studies to show the impact that music has on young children’s lives. Their core ethos of nurturing overall development through playful, joyful, creative, child-initiated music is constant.

Over the years Emma has devised and performed musical story tales with many inspired by fables, traditional tales and children’s responses to life at large. Through multimodal approaches she ignites imaginative, participatory play whilst weaving a story together with children using sounds, visuals, moving and instruments. Her podcast Once Upon a Song shares bespoke stories for families to engage together. Emma has developed several early years training courses to encourage childminders, practitioners and teachers to embed music into existing skills and qualifications. Emma is widely respected by early years communities worldwide in her continued passion for research and practice in the field, and in particular her work with developing communication and life skills in young children with emerging needs.

Emma has composed a range of music teaching books and story-tales. She commissioned a range of hand crafted instruments to nurture creative musical play and vocalising. Her collaborative spirit includes supporting music services, many early childhood networks, specialists, carers organisations and individuals.

Emma lives in Devon and London, UK.

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