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More to Sustainability After Christmas with Eco for All

With all the clutter and mess, it is "easier" to bundle it all up and chuck it out all at once. As a nanny, I know that children learn from what adults do, in fact, children pick up your habits just by being around you. So while it may be easier, in the long run, it is not the most beneficial thing for their future.

I linked with Lyn Lapworth from Eco for All to see how we can tweak our habits to create a better future and help the habits of our little ones so it becomes second nature.

I don't know about you, but I got a lot of smellies this year, which I am so excited to use, but I was astounded at the amount of packaging that came with it. Lyn suggests to have a craft session, which we call junk modelling. Why not see if your nursery or school need any for their creative table.

I also was gifted a lovely hand cream set, but unfortunately it has almond in, which I am allergic to, so I have already regifted that to someone who I know would love it (and luckily we haven't swapped presents yet) Lyn suggests that if you do get a gift that you won't use and the gifter isn't easily offended, you could ask for the receipt and get something you do love. My brother did that with some t-shirts I had gifted him one year. I think regifting is great if you can find someone who would actually want it. That is why Lyn says actually, it is better to all become more mindful about sourcing second hand presents that people will not want to regift, which also means there will be less packaging.

And as we get closer to New Year, we can all make a promise to try and be more eco- friendly. I asked Lyn what Resolution we could all make that was easy to implement and make the most difference to our planet?

Lyn said that we should set a realistic goal where we make a swap each week/month, whichever is more manageable.

Learning a new skill like sewing, so you repair clothes instead of sending them to landfill and buying more clothes or baking means you can make snacks with less sugar but also have less wrapping. As a nanny, and in my newest book, More to Mealtimes, I talk about too much packaging in snacks. Buying large and decanting into reusable containers reduces this but also saves money, eg raisins.

Lyn also suggests to pop a picture of a landfill in your bin as a reminder where all our waste goes. A top tip she has is to look at who you bank with and how they invest your money (Many High Street Banks invest in fossil fuel projects)

Lyn has a program that you can sign up to to be more Eco-friendly in all you do.

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