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Luna Bespoke at the MORE TO Event

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

On the 30th of September, the launch of the third book in the MORE TO series is happening. There is MORE TO this event than just a book launch, with interactive performances with Action Amanda, music sessions with the Music House with Children and even a family PT session with Jack Hammerton.

We also have guided activity sessions of mark making with More Curricular and food prep with Argania Moroccan Kitchen! We have a luxury soft play from Trot and Tumble and you can pay to have your face painted. Children are £10 and get an amazing goodie bag. Adults and babies are free!

And if that wasn't enough, we even have a MORE TO Market place with nutrition, parent apps, photo organising, SEND and a bespoke Nanny agency.

So it is with my pleasure that I share this interview with Marketa from Luna Bespoke.

How did Luna Bespoke start?

Luna Bespoke began with a vision. As a mother and experienced childcare professional, I observed the profound impact that COVID-19 had on families and children. I witnessed a significant increase in the number of children requiring specialized support, particularly in areas like mental health, behavioral challenges, anxieties, and nutrition. This urgent need inspired me to create Luna Bespoke, a childcare recruitment agency dedicated to providing tailored solutions for families facing these unique challenges

How does it help family life easier?

Finding the right support can significantly transform the family dynamic. With the right help in place, stress is reduced, allowing everyone in the family to function more smoothly and harmoniously. We've streamlined our process to ensure that finding the perfect support is as easy as possible because we understand that life is challenging enough without adding the burden of searching for the right care solutions.

What is next for your Luna Bespoke?

Our aim is to ensure that every family, whether they have a newborn, a lively toddler, or a teenager, can discover the perfect nanny within the Luna Bespoke family. We're also embarking on journeys to reach families in new regions, making our services accessible to an even wider audience. Beyond our core offerings, we're enthusiastically exploring partnerships with child development experts and healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive support to families.

Why are you excited to be part of MORE TO Education?

I'm incredibly thankful to Kat for inviting me to be part of her book launch. Kat's vibrant energy, determination, and unwavering commitment to supporting children and families are truly inspiring.

What exciting offer have you got for everyone at the event?

We're delighted to extend a 10% discount as a special welcome gift. Please come and chat with us to learn more about how Luna Bespoke can assist you. We're here to help make your family's life easier and more enjoyable!

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