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Kitchen Cupboard crisis over! Phil-ease by Phil Lees

I attended the Business show back in 2021 having just opened 'More to Organising.' The previous year, I had sent a text to my then Mum boss of a gorgeously tidy children's bedroom that I had organised during lockdown and a joke saying I would give up nannying and become a professional organiser.

Fast forward to November 2022, I was back at the Business show having published a new books 'More to Organising', winning Professional Organiser of the Year, Best Newcomer and supporting many families to organise their rooms and routines with children in mind!

It was in a seminar that my ears perked up when the speaker held the microphone to Phil Lees, who said he designed and created storage solutions. I knew I had to speak to him!

Why did you create the Easi-container?

I had the idea back in 2019 when I had issues with my own cupboards. I had containers of different sizes all crammed in at different angles and because they didn't fit, they were tilting and looked messy which drove me mad!

After doing a lot of research, the containers that I wanted just didn't exist so I began drawing ideas. I decided to strip back the design to make it great.

Containers are designed to hold food- not designed to go in the cupboard

When you put containers in the cupboard there is a lot of space above, but putting other things on top, I experienced the pain and faff of having to take them all out before getting to the containers. Noticing there is a lot of wasted space, I thought if I could design a bracket, then the whole cupboard could be used.

What sets your containers apart from others?

Due to the unique bracket and container

working together to support and seal the

container. Phil-Ease can be fixed to any

wall or under any shelf, and with no manual

lid to open.

Environmental issues are important to Phil-ease. We use 100% renewable energy-matched servers to power our website. 1% of all our profits will be donated to causes that work towards cleaning our oceans. Plus we are committed to planting trees to offset our carbon emissions.

While discussing how great they are for children as they don't have the lid to contend with, we also discussed having them in the playroom at child height. The small ones would be great for Lego or other toys with lots of bits.

If you are interested, head to

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