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KiddyCharts with Helen Neale

For those who have read my second book 'More to Organising' you'll know that I am passionate about supporting our children to become more independent. One way to do this is to put them in charge of their own routines.

Thank you to Penny Moyse at the Clean and Tidy Home Show for a great networking opportunity with Helen Neale of Kiddycharts.

How did Kiddycharts come about? 

KiddyCharts have actually been going for over ten years now - and we all started because it was tough for me when the kids were smaller to find a way that worked both for them and for me in terms of helping them with behaviours. We decided that creating our reward charts was a way of doing this collaboratively - they helped make them, and so it was easier to get them to buy into them! Since then we have gone from strength to strength, now offering loads of resources, activities and ideas for parents, and teachers globally. We have a focus on wellbeing and mindfulness because I am a trained counsellor as well.

What do you think children get most out of Kiddycharts? 

Loads and loads of fun ideas and activities for them to take part in - which sneakily educates them as well! It's a great way for parents to find inspiration for play with their children, as well as teachers too. We've even got a completely free book club for kids wellbeing too: Shelf Care in partnership with the publisher Quarto Kids.

In addition, we do have help for the home with organisational templates and ideas too - it isn't just about play, it is also about helping to organise. Having an organised home, helps to keep a healthy mind as we all know.

How does it help children to be more independent?

Most of the activities and ideas can be printed and done by the kids with minimal guidance - some of them are specifically designed too to help increase self esteem, confidence, and to reduce anxiety. Anything that supports children with building their resilience and understanding of their bodies and emotions, is going to go a long way to improving their independence. For example, try out our feelings colouring sheets for kids from the amazing kids book, Thats Okay by Chris Dixon. Teaching kids about emotions from an early age is an important step in helping them to develop Empathy.

How does it make parents’ lives easier? 

This is a simple one - we have the ideas so you don't have to - we have the resources so you don't need to make them, and we give you the inspiration, so you can put your feet up - well, at least a little bit!

What is next for Kiddycharts? 

We are going to be putting our toes into the artificual intelligence waters (!) over the next few months to see what else we can create for schools and parents that will hopefully make everyone's lives that little bit easier. so watch this space by signing up to our newsletter so you don't miss anything!

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