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Imi at the MORE TO event

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Catherine Lyon is presenting her amazing app for parents at the MORE TO event on the 30th of September, at the Copthorne Tara Hotel.

There is MORE TO this event than just a book launch, with interactive performances and guided activity tables as well as playdough, painting and craft throughout the day. We have a luxury soft play area as well musical instruments and you can even get your face painted!

Tickets for children aged 2-7 are just £10 and they get an amazing goodie bag. Adults and babies are free. Older siblings are also very welcome.

We asked to find more about Imi and why it is so great for parents and children alike.

Imi: Your Partner in Nurturing Your Child's Journey, Step by Step!

As a parent, you naturally care deeply for your children. It's a wonderful quality, but sometimes, in our eagerness to ensure a bright future for our children, we unintentionally put too much pressure on them.

This can lead to expecting them to master skills before they're truly ready.

Understanding the Challenge

Picture this: your child is working hard to make you proud, putting in their best effort to learn something new. However, if the skill is beyond their current abilities, they might take shortcuts and learn the wrong way.

For example, if your child is trying to learn letter writing without having mastered earlier skills, they might end up forming letters incorrectly.

The catch is that these early mistakes could turn into habits that are hard to break later on. We all know how tough it can be to change bad habits, even for adults.

Enter Imi, a response to this very challenge. The app is aimed at helping both children and parents navigate this crucial phase.

Celebrating Every Small Victory with Imi

Imi is like a helpful friend on this journey. It understands that every child develops at a unique pace and that even the smallest achievements are significant milestones.

Through Imi, you have the opportunity to record these small victories. Just as you treasure the memories in baby books, Imi creates a special keepsake dedicated to your child's learning progress as you use it! The app compiles a digital "Learning Journal" complete with dates, comments, and even images of every achievement.

Progressing Step by Step: Skill Enhancement with Imi

Imi does more than just acknowledge accomplishments; it acts as a coach, guiding you to introduce new challenges that match your child's current abilities.

This approach has a double benefit: it ensures that children progress naturally and appropriately avoid those bad habits. Learning becomes pressure-free and fun, while you as a parent also get to actively participate in your child's growth journey.

Imi offers imaginative ideas for seamlessly incorporating learning into everyday routines - like counting steps during a walk or identifying colours at the supermarket. Routine activities are transformed into opportunities for learning!

Unlocking the Potential of Early Brain Development

As Imi's journey evolved, so did the designer’s understanding of brain development. Research revealed that almost all of a child's brain growth – around 90% – occurs before they even start school.

This emphasised the vital role parents could be undertaking to support that brain growth.

Cultivating a Brighter Future Through Parental Participation with Imi

Because a child's brain is highly adaptable and receptive during these formative years, active parental involvement is essential. Studies confirm that children do much better when their parent takes an interest in their learning and development.

Imi serves as a platform to enlighten you as a parent. It helps you to realise that the traditional activities of feeding, bathing, and bedtime stories are no longer sufficient to do the best for your children.

Instead, embracing a holistic approach to early learning is crucial for nurturing a child's full potential.

Imi: Fostering a Joyful Learning Journey

Imi allows parents to witness and appreciate their child's growth, sparking a sense of pride. This recognition not only boosts the child's self-esteem and self-motivation to learn but also encourages you to embrace and relish the learning journey alongside your child.

By using Imi to celebrate achievements, both parents and children share a sense of accomplishment, forging a stronger bond along the way.

The Story Behind Imi

Imi's creation was inspired by the challenges parents face when trying to balance aspiration and appropriate pacing.

The website provides further insights into this journey.

Imi has grown into a supportive platform that celebrates even the smallest triumphs and guides parents in nurturing their child's growth.


With an understanding of brain development and the crucial role parents play in these early years, the Imi app stands as a source of guidance and hope for parents striving to pave a path for their child's success.

Remember, it's not solely about the destination; it's about savouring each small achievement on this remarkable journey.

Explore how Imi could be the perfect partner for you and your child’s learning journey:

Our offer on the app is currently only 99p which is an introductory price that will increase after the event.

We are donating a bundle of children's books for the raffle, of which 50% is going to Sense Charity.

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