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Clear Bubble at the MORE TO event

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

For the launch of the third book in the MORE TO Series, there is an amazing event on the 30th of September at the Skyview, Copthorne Tara Hotel in High Street Kensington.

There is MORE TO this event than just a book launch, with interactive music sessions with the House Of Music for Children, singing and dancing with Action Amanda, get your sweat on with a family friendly workout with PT Jack Hammerton. Calm down with our fine motor session with More Curricular and learn how to make delicious Moroccan food with Moroccan Cuisine. There will be painting and playdough sessions too!

Children are £10 (includes an amazing goodie bag)

Adults and babies are free!

As well as all this fun for our little ones, we have a MORE TO Marketplace with amazing businesses who have families at the heart of what they do. One of these is the brilliant Clear Bubble with Amanda Littlecot.

How did Clear Bubble come about?

I've always loved organising things and when I decided to have a change from business consulting organising seemed just the right thing for me. And then when I discovered you can do photo organising as a business, it just felt exactly right for me. So I started my business four years ago now. Time has flown! It is growing from strength to strength as people actually realise there is someone out there who can help them with their photo-overwhelm Oh and I am loving every minute of it.

How does it help family life easier?

I work with family-loving memory keepers who feel overwhelmed and are time-poor. I help people take control of their photos by sorting out their digital photo mess across phones, computers and all that other stuff. As well as bring all those printed photos into the digital age with digitization. But most importantly help with sharing those memories through cloud services, digital frames and photobooks.

What does Clear Bubble do to support children and families?

Clear bubble photo organising is all about helping families enjoy the memories so, not only can I help people sort their photos but I love helping educate people on how they can do it themselves. I've just launched an organising workshop with MORE TO Organising for parents

but also I'm excited to launch at the MORE TO Education event a new photo book subscription, starting at just £22 a month we slowly build your annual photobook throughout the year a little and often which you can enjoy in a digital version. And then at the end of the year, I get your beautiful photo book printed for you to enjoy all of your yearly memories. It is also a great gift as well!

What is next for Clear Bubble?

My on-going mission for Clear Bubble is to continue to help people gain control of their photos and just get the word out that I exist. But also keep an eye out for my course coming soon Photo Mess to Success for the Mac, how to sort your photos on your Mac.

Why are you excited to be part of MORE TO Education?

I'm excited to be part of MORE TO education because photos are an important part of our lives and I love the fact that we are all here trying to help families with children just enjoy their time together, but also keep the memories alive. I'm super excited meet all the other vendors involved and no doubt some new ideas photos will be sparked

What exciting offer have you got for everyone at the event?

So as part of the launch of my new photo book subscription service, I will be offering a discount of 50% off the gift box price (normally £22) with your first months subscription free which you can use for yourselves or what a great way to start the Christmas shopping.

Amanda is generously donating Bubbles for the Goodie bags.

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